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late night quilting on a children’s picnic quilt

Hey friend. I’m Abigail. I am a mom to three spunky children: Biscuit, Bubba, and Bear. We are slowly working our way around America as the military moves my husband from post to post. Outside of quilting and sewing, I stay home to homeschool my kids and keep the home fires burning.

I have been sewing since 2014. Sans one brief lesson from my mom when I was in high school, sewing was something I kind of fell into because I had my first child. We were cloth diapering, and it’s really hard to find pants that fit over that full and fluffy bum. So, I thought, “Hey, I could just make some.” Then my next thought was, “I guess I need a sewing machine.” And everything just snowballed from there.

Just after my third child was born, I discovered free-motion quilting and have really come to love the world of free-motion. The designs are limitless, the texture of the quilt is so yummy, and the hum of the machine is incredibly soothing – like a warm, smooth cup of coffee.

Shortly after that I also discovered bagmaking. Who knew that zippers could be so fascinating. Just me? That’s okay.

I look forward to connecting with you about your quilt-y needs or making that perfect bag to fit you.

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