Meet the “On the Go Sling”!!!


  • Take your water bottle on-the-go with you and still be hands free! The exterior of the bag is made of a fun, decorative cotton and the interior is lined with a waterproof canvas, in various colors, to protect your valuables and yourself in case of condensation or even a spill.
  • Comes in two sizes: child & adult
  • The adult size also comes with an exterior, front zip pocket that can hold your phone, keys, ID card, debit card, and even a passport if needed.
  • Products are handmade by Abi West; pattern is not created by Abi West.

Send me a message or contact me to order one today!

The Deets

So, here is a new bag that I have been sewing up that I am very excited to bring to you. For the adult version, it’s a combination of a small wallet case and a water bottle bag. The child’s version is simplified to a slightly smaller size and omits the front storage pocket.

The original bag, or the adult size bag, is extremely spacious that easily holds a 32 ounce water bottle and dwarfs a 20oz Yeti cup. On the front is has a zippered compartment where you can take along your ID, credit cards, and even a passport if necessary, as well as fitting a medium sized phone and your keys.

Exterior front storage pocket on the adult size bag.
Inside the bag is a 20 oz Yeti cup.

The interior is lined with waterproof canvas which really does it’s job. On my inaugural use and test run of this bag, it got knocked over and my water started leaking out all over my bag.

But it was no problem. I simply poured out the water, wiped it out, and I was good to go. My phone, which was in the adjacent front pocket, was completely dry.

So, now my hands were free of my water bottle, but my kids were still trying to make me carry their water bottles any time we went on an outing and a field trip. So, I decided they needed some simplified versions of the On the Go bottle.

As you know, the shop is closed on Sundays, so I took some personal time to whip these up for them. We were supposed to use them today, but some sick kiddos put the kibbosh on that idea. That, however, did not stop them from walking all around the house with them this morning, proudly toting along their water bottles.

L: Adult size
R: Child size

So, they still haven’t had their inaugural trip outdoors and on our field trips with the kids, but given their initial reaction to the them I have a feeling it will turn out great. And I, for one, am happy to not have a zillion water bottles hanging off of me.

If you are interested in having one of your own, feel free to message me to customize one for yourself.


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