The Story of the Reading Time Quilt

The fabric in this quilt is Forest Friends by 3 Wishes.
There is no pattern. It’s just a simple strip quilt.

So, I feel like I had a real missed opportunity when I made this quilt. I mean, after all, it’s kind of our story time quilt. At least, that was my loose intention as I started making it, but this quilt didn’t even begin when I started making it. Once again, it began as I was perusing the fabric shelves at some store and I saw these adorable prints in this jelly roll and somehow it just tumbled into my cart.

I mean, I cannot be held responsible for the unpredictable whims of a roll of pre-cut fabric.

Anyways, I digress. So, the missed opportunity is creating this quilt out of all sorts of fun fabrics that have books and letters and script and ink splatters on them. I guess that quilt still needs to be made.

My Reading Time Quilt

Also, far from being a reading time quilt, this quilt has become more a picnic and adventure quilt. It’s the one my kids ask for when they want to run outside and lay in the sun or perhaps when they’re trying to create a mini-tent to hide away from a sibling that is being particularly annoying at that time, as a brother or sister are want to do from time to time.

But this quilt is just another example of how quilts tell stories. I didn’t really know what it was going to be when I bought it, and through the process of creating it and deciding what it would be it has become something unique and with purpose. It is part of the story of our lives and is witness to each of our stories as we go through life.

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