The Story of My First Quilt

This quilt uses a bright pink, nature inspired fabric that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The pattern is from The Fat Quarter Shop Jelly Roll Jam series, quilt #1.

So, this cute little quilt is an explosion of pink! I was looking for something quick and easy that I could use to teach myself how to sew. And it is everything a beginner, learning quilt should be. It was fun, cheery, and full of mistakes.

In looking back at this quilt now, I could not tell you where I went wrong. Whether I measured wrong, sewed wrong, or cut wrong. There are so many steps in quilting, and a mistake in even just one can affect the whole thing. Anyways, all I know is that when I was sewing the blocks together, I was off.

By a lot. But I just shrugged my shoulders. Trimmed up the extra bits to make them fit, and then sewed it all together anyways. It came out square in the end, and I bet you couldn’t even tell by looking at it.

It turned out really cute. It was about 36 x 36 and I used it mostly for tummy time for my youngest, Bear. I think she enjoyed all the busy prints and playful colors.

I also really enjoyed having all those rails to quilt because it really allowed me to just play with some different free-motion quilting techniques and styles that I had not tried before. As I said earlier, this was my learning quilt; from start to finish. I don’t really worry about the mistakes I see now because I was learning and they are just part of the process.

We have to allow ourselves room to make mistakes and get a little messy in order to improve ourselves. I think we learn best from our mistakes.

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